How to show agreement and disagreement while communicating in the English Language

How to show agreement and disagreement while communicating in the English Language

Showing Total Agreement

– Absolutely.

– Exactly.

– Indeed!

– That’s for sure.

– You’re right.

– I totally agree with you.

– I agree with you a hundred percent.

– I couldn’t agree with you more.

– Can’t argue with that.

– Couldn’t have said it better.

Showing Partial Agreement

– You may be right.

– Well, perhaps (you’re right).

– You might have a point there.

– Showing Mild Disagreement

– It may be so, but …

– I’m not sure if I agree with you totally there.

Showing Strong Disagreement

– I’m afraid I disagree with you.

– I’m afraid I can’t agree with you.

– I couldn’t disagree (with you) more.

– I disagree completely.

– You’ve got that wrong. (informal)

– You’re dead wrong. (informal)

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Learn How to start informal and formal Conversation in the English Language.

Learn How to start informal and formal Conversation in the English Language.

Starting an Informal Conversation

– Listen (to this).

– Listen up.

– Get a load of this.

– Get this.

– Guess what?

– Do you know?

– Guess what I just found out.

– Have you heard the latest?

– Did you hear the news?

-Can I talk to you?

Starting Formal Conversation

– Could I talk to you?

– Do you have a minute?

– Let’s sit down and talk.

-May I have a word with you

Top Ten Reasons to Learn English

1. English is one of the most widely spoken language, it is official language of 53 Countries more than750 million people speak English.

2. ‎English speaker in India earn more money than non-speakers, learning English will open your job prospects and speaking English immediately opens up more opportunities in India

3. ‎the majority of world’s business has been taking place in non native English speakers countries

4. ‎English is the language of Science, of Aviation, Computer, Diplomacy and Tourism. Knowing English can increase your chances of getting a good job in Multinational Companies within your home countries or of finding work abroad

5. ‎a speaker of two languages can think up two or more phrases or two words for each objects and utilise this talent to sharpen personal creativity

6. ‎English gives you the access to some of the world’s best Universities

7. ‎English gives wider access of knowledge and it’s languages of Computer, Internet and Social Media

8. ‎English is the more common language in the world one out of five people can speak English

9. ‎and most important it brings you out of your comfort zone and gives you confidence to deal with challenges of your own life

10. ‎in India all interviews are conducted in English whether it is office assistant or Manager

English Speaking Course

English Speaking Course

In this advance speaking English course we strategies your skills so you can quickly enhance your English Speaking.

This course will help you to improve Basic, Intermediate & Advance speaking English. By the end of this course you will able to communicate with anybody from globe whether Indians or your clients from overseas. It will help you to crack any interview of any MNC or Company in any country. It will also help you to work comfortably and get promoted in any MNC of any country.

Course will help you to develop

  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar
  • Sentence construction
  • Everyday Conversational Phrases
  • Formal English & Informal English conversation
  • Idioms, proverb & phrasal verb
  • Cognitive Interview techniques *Group discussion
  • Debating
  • Presentation techniques
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking and more……

Many English Speaking classes focus on grammar and written English instead of speaking English confidently but at Jenis you will have more practice of speaking until you speak English perfectly even with native speakers of English Language.

We understand that you know English Language but when it comes to speaking you loose your confidence. According to that we have designed the course material, through which you will begin to speak English correctly in very short time.

Interviews Techniques

Interviews techniques

Learn the proven strategies to win your next job interview.

In this course you are going to learn the do’s & don’t of Interviews. You will have practice over more common & difficult interviews questions with answers. You will learn what to say, when to say & how to say before your next scheduled interview.

Facing an interview is a skill & it can be practiced & improvised. As you master at these skills you can crush the competition & leave your solid impression.

During your training you will learn Presentation skills, how to showcase your skills, how to make job wining resume & how to face telephonic rounds also.

Public Speaking skills Training

Public speaking skills Training

Public speaking is an art to influence people if you can speak you can influence.

In Public speaking classes you will learn mainly how to build confidence, how to build an interaction, Most important how to avoid common mistake & how to make speech audience engaging with effective public speaking skills & tips it makes you to stand out from the CROWD.

In current time everyone interacts in social meets, official meets, business meets & team meets. In any profession your result are directly consequence how well you convince people who crosses your path.

That is how your success & your company success depend on one skill this is public speaking skills. It is so rare to find person who has that combination of technical skills & good verbal communication skills.

Communication skills training

Communication skills training

Communication is skill which everyone can adopt.

What you are going to learn, How to express your thought, opinion in meeting, social events & family. You will achieve your personal & professional goals using effective language. This course will enhance you listening skills to avoid misunderstanding. You will transform your life & you will discover how to communicate effectively who crosses your path.

Effective communication is essential in the 21st century. So the communication course is design for all age & every professional. Communication skills we use every single day in our lives with person we have been contact. I have seen many people who cannot get job & paid up 35%less because of their speech, they were brilliant & intelligent people but because of communication limitation they were not able to express the way they thought. Bad human communication leaves no room to grow.

In the course we are going to share you the master techniques of communication so you will have effective set of communication skill.

Presentation skills Training

Presentation skills

A good presentation can inspire, influence & motivate an audience.

This course help you to improve your presentation skills in short time; you can learn to structure presentation & project idea with confidence from start to till end and you will learn How to handle A&Q, How to grab & hold audience attention from the beginning to till end. You can learn Verbal communication – voice, tone, word, speed & intonation Non verbal communication – posture, gesture facial expression Presentations techniques are essential to influence, inspire & motivate an audience, successful people clearly know how important to be able to convey ideas & message to an audience. & how to grab audience attention to influence & inform. Say goodbye to boring presentation and say hello to upcoming fearless presentation.

Group discussion

Group discussion and Personal Interviews (GDPI) 

Learn how to fire up a group discussion

In this course I make you perfect in all those things which require to lead the group. You will learn how to discuss a topic from start to conclude with unique soft skills. Like: – Quotes, idioms, proverb, fact, statistics, and short general statement. Group discussion is exchange of knowledge; the aim of group discussion is to test knowledge, language, confidence, communication skills, way of thinking, leadership and team building. Learn complete guide of GDPI.